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Grateful Dead Live at Paramount Theater on 1972-07-26

Set 1:
d1t01 - Tuning
d1t02 - Cold Rain And Snow
d1t03 - Black Throated Wind
d1t04 - Mississippi Half-Step
d1t05 - Mexicali Blues
d1t06 - Sugaree
d1t07 - El Paso
d1t08 - China Cat Sunflower >
d1t09 - I Know You Rider
d1t10 - Jack Straw
d2t01 - Tennessee Jed
d2t02 - Playing In The Band
d2t03 - Casey Jones

Set 2:
d2t04 - The Promised Land
d2t05 - He's Gone
d2t06 - Me And My Uncle
d2t07 - You Win Again
d2t08 - Greatest Story Ever Told
d2t09 - Ramble On Rose
d3t01 - Dark Star >
d3t02 - Comes A Time
d3t03 - Sugar Magnolia
d3t04 - Brown Eyed Women
d3t05 - Beat It On Down The Line
d3t06 - Stella Blue
d4t01 - Not Fade Away >
d4t02 - Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >
d4t03 - Not Fade Away
d4t04 - One More Saturday Night

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Date July 26, 1972
Venue Paramount Theater
Location Portland, OR

Source MR > PCM > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN
Lineage SHN > WAV > Sound Forge > CDWave > FLAC (level 8)
Transferred by Andrew Long


- Primary source shnid 8957
- Patch source (sbd) shnid 1411
- Greatest Story patched from alternate sbd source. The patch was adjusted
with iZotope Ozone to brighten it up and better match the primary source.
- Several sub-second dropouts @ 12:38 in Dark Star repaired.
- The disc breaks were made seamless.
- He's Gone was already patched from (I believe) the same alt. source used to
patch GSET.
- Dark Star has been left intact, tracked as a single cut. In the previous seed,
there was a "Drums" track which was really a brief Drums followed by Phil/Drums
and then an extended jam before the return to the theme. Dark Star breaks down
like this:
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for his comment under shnid 8957 which suggested
this fix.
- The only way to get this onto 3 audio discs would have been to cut out much of the
tuning and banter, which is often entertaining. Jerry says to Weir before BTW, "You
gonna bullshit all night or play..."
- Put the kids to bed and enjoy this fine show.

Andrew Long May 27, 2006


Reviewer: erik65 - - July 26, 2011
Subject: The Grateful Dead perform in your living room
1. Crystal clear vocals, as loud as and at times slightly louder than the guitars in this board mix.
2. High recording levels. Sounds louder than the other SBD (GEMS). They both have a slight background hiss. Seems like you hear it less on this one.
3. Stage banter throughout, mostly Phil, back and forth with the audience, whom you can't hear at all- must have been some distance between front row and musicians. Some funny parts, but also annoying as Bobby repeatedly asks Owsley to turn him up.
4. Sugaree- soulful vocals with excellent accompaniment on piano.
5. Dark Star- nice long jamming version, only flaw the first word of the 2nd verse, starts to sing "Dark" then switches to "Mirror", not a big deal.
Reviewer: DireWharf - - April 9, 2008
Subject: Typo note
I e-mailed the site and was told to post my comment as a "review," so here I am.

Between the URL and the references on this page, there's a mix of 34083 and 34803. Going by db.etree, I believe 34803 is the correct ID.

I understand this is a good show, but I haven't listened to it yet. If and when the typos are corrected, I'd vote to delete this "review."

UPDATE: Whoa! That was quick! But you missed one (the 2nd ffp file).

It looks like I don't have the ability to delete this "review," but anyone with that ability is hereby authorized to do so.
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Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Set 2 Only Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby; SennheiserMD421's (PAS/6 Feet LOC First Row Of Balcony)> Sony TC-D5M, Tapes Maxell XLII-S Set 1, Maxell MX Set 2; Transfer Information:Tascam 112 MKII (XLR Out)>Tascam HD-P2 @ 24/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (Tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Tracks Renamed/Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename By Keo
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: source: 2 Beyer M160 & 1 Sennheiser 421 mic's (17th row-center) > Nak100 w/2001 > Sony TC-D5M (Dolby on) - analog master cassettes;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: AUD: 3x Nakamichi CM300 w/CP4 shotguns > Nakamichi 550 > Maxell XLIIS, floor to the left of the soundboard, taped by Tim Friend & Joe Morrone.
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Akg C460 Preis CK61 Caps > Uher 240; Master Tapes > Nak Dragon > Korg Mr1000 > Audio Gate > Adobe Audition CS6 > Traders Little Helper; Recorded Front Row DFC Behind Soundboard
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Source: 2 Neumann KMF4 microphones > Sony TC-D5M - analog master cassettes;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Nakamichi CM-300 x2 > Cassette Master
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Baker, Transfer By Keo; Nakamichi CM300/CP4 Shotguns > Sony D6, Tapes: TDK SA-100's; Microphones Set Up Upper seats Last Row Vince's Side; Between Half And A Quarter Away From Stage; Transfer With Nakamichi MR-1 > Korg MR-1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6 MHz; Tracking/Sample Rate Conversion/Flacked With AudioGate V.3.02 To 24/96 kHz; Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix; SBD (shn id 11803) Master Soundboard Cassette > DAT > CDR; via StoryTeller; Seeded to etree by steve barbella + AUD (shn id 118324) flac24; Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby; SennheiserMD421's (PAS/DFC Row 2 Balcony/3.5 Feet High)> Sony TC-D5M,Tapes Maxell MX; Transfer Information:Tascam 112 MKII (XLR Out)>Tascam HD-P2 @ 24/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Tracks Renamed/Metadata Tagging With AudioGate Software By Keo + VID (noshnid) VIDEO Patches supplied by audio from a video sent by Russ C. and worked on by BHP - matrix mixing by Kevin Tobin
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: lineage: (3)audio technica atm11 fob> optimus> d-5> mc> sony tc we435> sony pcm m-10 24bit/96khz> soundforge> cdwave> traders little helper encoding option 8; conversion rate: 96000/24 bit
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: flac16/48kHz; Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby; AKG451EB/CK1's (DIN/DFC/First 1/4 Of OTS/9 Feet High)> Whirlwind Phantoms>Teac DA-P20 @ 16/48; Transfer Information:Sony R500>Tascam HD-P2 @ 16/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (Tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Tracks Renamed/Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename By Keo